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We pride ourselves on using only the freshest flowers, to create eye-catching and beautiful florals for Weddings all around the country, as we travel far and wide. Our aim is for every client to enjoy their flower experience. We hope that our love of flowers, and our passion for quality, comes across in our consultations, and then blooms within our customers too.

We hope to work with you soon, 

About Us

Rebecca x


The Countryside Florist opened it's doors in 2011, just a short few weeks after I qualified as a florist, aged just 18. We are a team of two, I'm the owner and florist, Rebecca, and by my side I have my dedicated Mam Linda, who works incredibly hard behind the scenes conditioning flowers and a whole host of other tasks, to enable me to create beautiful floral pieces.

I'm very proud to own a lovely premises on Skelton High Street, which is perfectly equipped for ensuring the flowers are stored in the best environment. We have a state of the art air-conditioning system which means the flowers (and us!) are kept at the optimum cool temperature throughout the preparation and creation process. We also have plenty of room to work on magnificent pieces, and of course make plenty of mess along the way too!

Over the years the services we offer have changed and adapted, and as it stands now, we primarily operate a Wedding and Events business. Even after creating over 600 weddings, the buzz from handing a bridal bouquet over to our beautiful brides is always incredibly satisfying! 




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